Summary of Recent Publications

Older adults’ online information seeking and subjective well-being: The moderating role of Internet skills The Internet and online information can be a valuable resource in the process of successful aging. Self-rated health was the strongest predictor of life satisfaction among older adults (sample of 643 Swiss Internet users, average age 68). Online information seeking (advice, … Continue reading Summary of Recent Publications

Podcast Episode on Perceived Digital Overuse

The Center for Information Technology, Society, and Law (ITSL) and the Digital Society Initiative (DSI) at the University of Zurich started the "Breakfast of Ideas" podcast and event series that focuses on the challenges and opportunities connected to the digitization of society. Young scholars from different disciplines present their work in a short talk and … Continue reading Podcast Episode on Perceived Digital Overuse

2018 Articles on Digital Inequality

The Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society published a special issue on "The Digital Divide at the Nexus of Social Justice, Media Justice, and Ethics" including a contribution by Marina Micheli, Christoph Lutz and myself. We develop the concept of the digital footprint as the aggregate of data derived from the digitally traceable … Continue reading 2018 Articles on Digital Inequality

World Internet Project Meeting in France

The 2018 World Internet Project Meeting started in Paris, hosted by Sciences Po, with a public conference day addressing the impact of the Internet on societal participation and cross-national perspectives. Organized and hosted by the French World Internet Project partner M@arsouin, the internal meeting continued in Brest, Brittany. The Swiss team presented new results on … Continue reading World Internet Project Meeting in France

Evolution of and Divides in the Swiss Information Society 2011–2017

In April we will be presenting a new longitudinal analysis of Swiss World Internet Project data at the Annual Conference of the Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research that addresses the adoption rates of the (mobile) Internet and specific uses, how these have evolved between 2011 and 2017, which digital divides regarding use, skills, and … Continue reading Evolution of and Divides in the Swiss Information Society 2011–2017

Why Does Internet Use Matter?

I recently presented an overview of our most recent studies on digital inequality to argue the relevance of studying Internet use at the Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (IFiS PAN) in Warsaw. The conference was dedicated to a transdisciplinary approach to discussing new directions in the sociology of social problems and featured … Continue reading Why Does Internet Use Matter?

Digital Inequality and Online Political Participation

An article I coauthored has been accepted for publication in Socius, an open access journal supported by the American Sociological Association. A general mobilizing effect of the Internet on political participation has been difficult to demonstrate. This study takes a digital inequality perspective and analyzes the role of Internet expertise for the social structuration of … Continue reading Digital Inequality and Online Political Participation

World Internet Project Meeting in Moscow

This year's Annual Meeting of the World Internet Project took place in Moscow hosted by the Internet Initiatives Development Fund and Moscow City University. After an open day featuring eCity and eGovernment panels, 25 national partners presented and discussed new findings on Internet use in their respective countries and regions. The Swiss team focused on … Continue reading World Internet Project Meeting in Moscow