Research topics

  • Digital well-being, digital overuse
  • Online privacy, surveillance, chilling effects, and algorithmic selection
  • Digital inequality in Internet use, skills, and attitudes
  • Computational and comparative methodology

Current projects

  • Digital well-being: theory and empirical evidence
  • The chilling effects of digital surveillance and profiling
  • Strategies to disconnect
  • Smartphone pervasiveness and school performance
  • The evolution of digital inequalities
  • Measuring Internet skills

Selected recent and upcoming presentations

Towards a theory of digital well-being, #AoIR2020

Approaching socio-digital inequalities from a global perspective, Research Dialogue
at the Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Perceptions of algorithmic profiling on social media . Digital Inequalities and Emerging Technologies: Regimes, Spaces and Imaginaries, ICA Post-Conference, with Lutz C, Fosch Villaronga E, Tamò-Larrieux A, Velidi S and Viljoen S.

Computational Communication Science, Research Colloquium at the Department of Communication and Media Research, University of Zurich

Perceived Digital Overuse, Center for Information Technology, Society, and Law [podcast]