This is a list of journals that support open science features. It started as a list of open access peer-reviewed journals, but also includes paywalled journals that offer other open science features such as publishing registered reports. Full open access journals are always free for readers. Some journals charge authors a publication fee (many universities have funds for this). Hybrid journals where authors can pay to have their individual paper published open access are not included.

There are similar and much larger databases such as the DOAJ, but this list focuses specifically on media and communication science. It is intended to help authors in the field of media and communication science find a suitable journal. The list includes general communication journals (e.g. International Journal of Communication) and more specialized outlets (e.g. Internet Policy Review). It also includes generalist (e.g. PLOS ONE) and other disciplinary journals (e.g. Collabra: Psychology) whose scope may include specific media communication research.

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Open media and communication research has many more aspects – see, for example, this summary by Dienlin et al. (2020):