2018 Articles on Digital Inequality

The Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society published a special issue on “The Digital Divide at the Nexus of Social Justice, Media Justice, and Ethics” including a contribution by Marina Micheli, Christoph Lutz and myself. We develop the concept of the digital footprint as the aggregate of data derived from the digitally traceable behavior and online presence associated with an individual, and connect it with the debates on inequality, big data, algorithms, and privacy.

In an article published in the International Journal of Communication (open access), we focused on subjective social well-being as one specific quality of life indicator and outcome of Internet use, finding that the perception of digital belongingness directly increases social well-being, and Internet skills do so indirectly. Both pieces deal with the more general question of how digital technology relates to well-being.

We are currently following up on this line of research and added the perception of digital overuse to our framework of digital well-being (see figure below for a first result).

ggplot(ddui,aes(x=pdo.f,y=swb.f)) + geom_point() + geom_smooth(method = "loess", size = 1.0, color = "magenta")

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