Digital Well-Being Theory and Research

The article Digital Well-Being Theory and Research has been published in New Media & Society. A blog post and Twitter summary thread are available below. The full paper is open access here:


Digital well-being concerns individuals’ subjective well-being in a social environment where digital media are omnipresent. A general framework is developed to integrate empirical research toward a cumulative science of the impacts of digital media use on well-being. It describes the nature of and connections between three pivotal constructs: digital practices, harms/benefits, and well-being. Individual’s digital practices arise within and shape socio-technical structural conditions, and lead to often concomitant harms and benefits. These pathways are theoretically plausible causal chains that lead from a specific manifestation of digital practice to an individual well-being-related outcome with some regularity. Future digital well-being studies should prioritize descriptive validity and formal theory development.

LSE@Media Blog post based on the article

LSE@Media published my blog post Digital media are neither poison nor cure where I try to summarize some of the key arguments from the paper perhaps most interesting for broader audiences.

Digital media should not be treated as pharmaka, that is, as poison, cure, or scapegoat.

Summary thread on Twitter


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